Happy People

As a plant-based food source, potatoes are tasty and versatile. Our employees apply their expertise and passion to make the best potato products and to develop new plant-based alternatives. Safe, responsible and innovative.

Happy People

‘What is important to me is that you are able to provide a great vegan product for everyone. This is how we inspire people to make more responsible choices and we contribute to the growth of sustainability in the world.’

Willem Fijten - Aviko


Willem Fijten, innovation director at Aviko: ‘Green Delight celebrate the power of veggies.’

Bjorn Koehl, SHE manager at Aviko: ‘Happy people at every level.’

Patrycja Borsuk, contract manager at Aviko Poland: ‘Together we are working on a close-knit community.’


Plant-based alternatives


plant-based alternatives in every product group

Happy People

3 bilion

connecting 3 billion people
all over the world
sitting at tables 2025

Happy People


Ecovadis Gold ≥ gold score

Safe and meaningful work


A working environment in which employees feel involved, and we will belong to the top 10 employers in
the industry 2025

Safe and meaningful work


annual reduction of absenteeism accidents

E-learning helps increase awareness

Operator Bert Sebus: ‘I think it is wonderful that Aviko, the company where I have been employed for more than 40 years, strives to create a healthy planet and pleasant working conditions. I am very proud of that. Many of the things that I can contribute myself are self-evident, but I am much more aware of them since I completed the e-learning. I always make sure the light is switched off when I go home and try to come to work by bicycle as much as possible. Better for the environment and healthier for myself. As the one who is responsible for onboarding new production employees, I am happy to tell my new colleagues about our sustainability principles and activities.’

Safety always deserves attention

In the time to come we will be focusing heavily on increasing safety at all of our work locations throughout the world. We do so by handling risks by means of systematic risk assessments and by encouraging safety reports from the workplace. The resources we use to increase awareness include safety dialogues (talking to each other), movie reviews (analysing incidents together) and of course training and education. What is more, we have set up Safety Rooms as information and training areas. The number of lost-time accidents at Aviko decreased in 2023. This was unfortunately insufficient to realise our target.

Sustainability Challenge stimulates the formation of ideas

The more employees contribute their ideas and cooperate in sustainability improvement, the better. Aviko organised the first Sustainability Challenge in 2023. All employees were challenged to submit sustainability ideas. The challenge was a success. The winning idea was implemented: all employees received erasable, reusable, sustainable notebooks as a gift.