‘This is where sustainability grows. Everyone at Aviko is working on sustainability, and this has an impact on all parts of our company. Not only our company, but the entire chain. Together we are working on our strategy focused on a ‘future-proof, sustainable chain’. We believe that there is only joy at the table if there is joy for everyone. For growers and suppliers, for our employees, for our customers and of course for our planet. Today and tomorrow. Because the year 2023 was characterised by extremes where it concerns weather conditions. The changeability and extremes in wetness and drought have a major impact on the harvest and subsequently on the entire chain. It is precisely this climate change that makes our efforts to make our business operations more sustainable urgent and top of mind.’


Anouk Wentink

Sustainability Manager Aviko

Future-proof, sustainable chain

We wish to make sustainable progress from farm to fork, and that is why we are now taking action together. This ranges from reusable packaging to green power and sustainable palm oil, from knowledge sessions with our growers to the launch of a sustainability e-learning for all employees. We can become more sustainable much faster if we work together. And it is more fun as well. Aviko and the entire chain jointly form one strong Sustainability Team.

Sow before you can harvest

‘It gives me great energy to pioneer and discover together with the chain. A fine example of this is what is known as the ‘Re-Imagination Event’ we have organised over the past year. During this event, we brought together customers, startups, carriers, growers and employees. It is a fertile ground for numerous new, sustainable initiatives. Another milestone is the introduction of Green Delights, our production line of fully-fledged plant-based alternatives to snacks. The new installations, such as the e-boiler, to further enable the improvement of the sustainability of our plants are a wonderful result as well. In 2023, we also closely analysed the carbon footprint of our entire chain, from farm to fork. Quite a job. But one that provided us and our partners with many valuable insights for further improvement and further action.

‘Everyone at Aviko is working on sustainability, and this has an impact on all parts of our company.’

In short, there is much to tell. I am proud that Aviko colleagues and partners in the supply chain present 10 highlights of the past year in this sustainability report. Sustainability belongs to all of us. Sustainability grows
at Aviko!’