Sustainability strategy

Aviko connects people, cultures and tastes to tables all over the world. It is not without reason that Aviko’s mission is: ‘We bring joy to tables all over the world’. We are very much aware that we can only realise joy for everyone if we work in a sustainable manner. If we take good care of our people, growers and customers and, of course, our planet. That is why we connect the chain, and we work together to make our process from farm to fork entirely plant-based, transparent and circular.

Sustainability strategy

As part of aim to create a better world, we believe in the power of connection and cooperation throughout the entire chain. Our positive attitude and large international involvement translates into our ambition to play a leading role in the creation of a sustainable, future-proof chain. And this is necessary too: there are plenty of challenges. The climate is changing, ecosystems are degrading, the world’s population is growing, inequality is increasing. Fortunately, there is increasing attention for the approach to these problems, which is driven by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations. Our sustainability strategy focuses specifically on these goals that have been coordinated globally: SDG’s 2, 7, 8, 12, 13 and 15.

Three strategic pillars

In our sustainability strategy we set out how we work based on three pillars:
Healthy Earth, Proud Farmers and Happy People.

Everything starts with a Healthy Earth, because healthy potatoes come from healthy soil. It is crucial that we take good care of our planet. We work every day to produce safely and in an ever more sustainable manner. Together with the chain, we are building an entirely circular process from potato to product, whereby we minimise water and energy consumption and prevent food waste.

Our Proud Farmers use their land, passion and knowledge to grow the best potatoes in a responsible manner. This forms the basis for the very best Aviko products. We work together with our growers on potato cultivation that can withstand all weather: profitable and sustainable, now and in the future.

In 2023, Aviko brought joy to approximately 2.7 billion tables worldwide. While consumers enjoy our products, employees contribute with meaningful work. Our employees apply their expertise and passion to make the best potato products, and to develop new plant-based alternatives. Safe, responsible and innovative. This is how we create Happy People, within and outside Aviko.

The sustainability dashboard

This overview shows how we performed in 2018-2023 with respect to our sustainability targets.

Take a look at the dasboard ›

Stakeholder involvement

It is important to us to know and understand the world around us. That is why we continuously assess the positions, expectations, concerns, wishes and needs (for information) of our stakeholders. Aviko distinguishes between various stakeholder groups: employees, growers and other suppliers, customers, consumers, parent company Cosun and its members, industry organisations, experts and knowledge institutes, NGOs, supervisory authorities, governments, financial institutions and the media.

The continuous dialogue with our stakeholders provides us with valuable feedback and at the same time we inform them of our sustainability strategy and ambitions. We learn and grow. We encourage this dialogue by organising stakeholder dialogues in addition to the contact that is part of our daily activities. For example, we explored the challenges of the ‘future-proof, sustainable chain’ together with the main stakeholder groups we met in 2023 at the ‘Re-Imagination Event’. We use these and other dialogues to calibrate and fine-tune our sustainability strategy.

Guaranteeing a successful approach

Sustainability grows at Aviko. Every colleague is involved in the implementation of our sustainability strategy. Together we make Aviko more sustainable step by step. This roughly looks as follows:

  • Our Sustainability Manager ensures a coordinated and structured approach to the strategy and reports directly to our CEO.
  • The Sustainability Manager is the chairperson of the Sustainability Platform, which is an integral team on which all Aviko business units are represented. This team monitors and safeguards the progress of the sustainability agenda.
  • We work together with our parent company, Cosun, and our sister companies on various sustainability themes. The notion of ‘together we are strong, and we can achieve more’ applies here as well.
  • The three pillars of our sustainability targets are embedded in the strategies and annual plans of the various departments.
  • We organised e-learnings and the Aviko Sustainability Challenge for our employees in 2023. This results in awareness, the formation of ideas and initiatives. This is how all of our colleagues contribute to a more sustainable world. Together we make the difference.